With regards to a do it yourself rear view camera installation, the simplest system to set up is really a wireless backup camera that take advantage of the existing rear license plate mounting holes. It’s much simpler than the usual wired rear view camera installation because there is no need to operate several ft of video cable in the rear of the vehicle, with the cabin, and up towards the dashboard. Apart from that, any rear view camera installation is essentially exactly the same. For more information on backup camera, visit our website today!

Rear view cameras have grown to be a increasingly popular safety feature that’s commonplace in many new cars. In only a few years, backup cameras will end up mandatory on brand new cars.


The various tools you’ll need are pretty straight forward:

Whether blade or Philips screwdriver to get rid of the license plate, license plate light, and mount the camera

Double-sided tape instead of screws to mount the transmitter or power within the rear of the vehicle

You might want to make use of a drill driver to mount the wireless transmitter within the rear of the vehicle

If you’re not able to benefit from the license plate light to route wiring, you may want to make use of a drill to create a small hole to route the wires

If you have to drill an opening, make certain you apply the rubber grommet that is included with the package to safeguard the wires in the rough edges from the hole

Wiring connections to splice the ability cables in to the backup light wiring

Make certain you possess an available 12V power port to plug-within the video display monitor and have an agenda for the way your will hardwire the recording display to your existing under-dash wiring

Wireless Backup Camera System Installation Steps

Each wireless backup camera system includes three primary components a camera, a transmitter, along with a video display/receiver.

Mount the Camera

Mount overturn camera around the rear license plate by taking out the license plate mounting screws and taking advantage of these to mount the camera.

Every vehicle needs a lighted rear license plate and that’s done usually with two lights on each side of and over the plate. Take away the light nearest towards the camera mount’s wiring source and route the wires with the hole using the other light wires. Switch the license plate light.

Route the wires within the rear of the vehicle or trunk towards the nearest rear tail light housing. You will have to find out the backup light wire and splice the right camera power wire to that particular wire. This can insure the camera system only operates whenever your vehicle is within reverse. To safety purposes.

The wireless transmitter must also be mounted within the trunk or rear from the vehicle and attached to the appropriate wire in the camera. Once that’s complete, you’re done in the rear from the vehicle.

Mount the recording Display

The recording display is simple to set up, but might be a challenge to provide a finished look. Most units simply plug right into a 12V power outlet (just like a cigarette lighter) for power and might possess the receiver built-in.

The recording display can frequently be installed on the dash or car windows using the incorporated mount.

Some video displays come by means of a substitute rear view mirror. These are generally mounted within the existing mirror with built-in adjustable clamps. A rearview mirror camera that replaces the present mirror is much more hard to install and individuals steps have no coverage here.

If you choose to hide the wiring, you are able to run the ability cord in to the headliner, lower the A-pillar, underneath the dash, and only towards the nearest 12V power plug or wired into the vehicles wiring.

Test the machine

Switch on the vehicle and put the vehicle backwards. The recording display may come on instantly using the rearview camera’s video displayed. Want to know more about backup cameras? Visit our website for more information.

Whenever you place the car’s transmission in almost any other position, the recording display is going blank.

Together with your new aftermarket rearview camera system installed, you’ll be able to backup and park safer than ever before. It’s not hard to understand why a radio backup camera is really a well known safety device on vehicles.

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