king kong digital agency reviews

After such an outsized quantity of years interviewing businesses of all sizes and shapes, i believe I even have a finely tuned measuring system for enterprises that unit getting to be wildly successful.

king kong digital agency reviews

I have that feeling concerning Sabri Suby, beginning father of digital merchandising agency King Kong, that’s heading within the right direction to double last year’s $5 million revenue figure to $10 million this year.

The agency’s results-driven approach is very entirely completely different to the one used by most merchandising agencies. it is a scientific, numbers-driven manner of winning business, that’s giving King Kong a foothold that various agencies might notice robust to contend with among the longer term.

King Kong is in addition cashing in on the shift to digital advertising. keep with studies from point and eMarketer, digital ad pay is getting ready to overtake TV for the first time in 2017. The figures show international digital ad pay will hit $US205 billion this year, whereas TV will take $US192 billion. That digital figure accounts for quite thirty six per cent of all ad pay.

The story is that constant in Australia. EMarketer predicts digital ad pay will hit $6.18 billion or fifty-four percent of all ad pay this year. TV, by comparison, will sit on merely $3.3 billion.

King Kong’s model works by developing profitable sales funnel exploitation social media. It takes a merchandising channel like Facebook ads, and turns leads from ads prove to be appointments for the sales team, UN agency later converts appointments into customers.


A doc is AN example. someone looking for a carry may be shown a billboard that provides the prospect a free report, ‘Five things no doc will tell you regarding nose jobs’. Most of the report is useful information, but it together includes a proposal for a free consultation. The prospect would be impressed to contact the business to book the appointment.